Magic Brackets

Showcase of "Magic Brackets" application
As a keen player of Magic, I was looking for a convenient way to track match stats and win percentages for my local play group. Ryan's app does this with ease, and comes with fully customisable tournament creator. Depending on who, and how many players there are.

Round Robin, single and double elimination are all possible - with the player stats updated live. The slick UI is easy to navigate and having the player photo flip depending on if they've been knocked out is a nice touch.

Ieuan Ellis PhD, local MTG player

A passion project for the nerds I play Magic the Gathering with.

I meet up with the same group of friends a few times annually for some MTG tournaments (it's a fantasy card-game made by Wizards of the Coast, and it's pretty cool). We get pretty competitive with it too, so I decided there had to be 'an app for that'.

# Player profiles
# Player stats and match history
# Bracket generation for 4 different tournament types
# Update the app in real time as tournament progresses

"Magic Bracket - Create a Tournament" screen-shot
"Magic Bracket - Round Robin Live Event" screen-shot


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