Showcase of "Serenity - Beauty Within" website

Sue needed a major overhaul to her web presence. Her website was 10 years old and looked it. She was struggling to attract new clients online and was missing features that would now be considered standard.

I gave Sue’s beauty site a modern makeover! Starting from scratch I developed a fast, responsive, SEO friendly site - complete with online booking forms to drive new business. I’m proud to say that Sue loved it and commissioned me to build an eCommerce platform for her online business.

Ryan Dainton has designed, coded, and executed my new website www.serenity-beautywithin.co.uk to perfection and I could not be more pleased with it

I have been trying to find a web designer who could interpret and understand my vision for my Skin Clinic for a very long time and I have spoken to many different web designers over the last 5 years. You could say that I am extremely fussy and possibly the most picky client that there could be! Ryan is now working on my second website for my online retail shop (now completed).

Sue Boitoult - Owner of Serenity Skin Clinic, Exmouth


Serenity Direct

Showcase of "Serenity Direct" website
Ryan completely understood where I was coming from and filled me with confidence with his calm positivity and "can do" attitude. Nothing was a problem and he worked diligently and speedily to create a website that I am extreme proud of and has many features and functions that we never had before. My business has increased considerably already.

I recommend Ryan Dainton wholeheartedly and am happy to answer any questions or queries that future clients may have. Thank you so much Ryan.

Sue Boitoult - Owner of Serenity Skin Clinic, Exmouth

Like before, Sue already had an existing eCommerce platform. In addition to showing its age, this platform was not set up to scale. Sue wanted to introduce new product lines and effectively double the amount of options for perspective buyers.

"Serenity Direct Homepage" screen-shot

I got back to work to produce the Serenity Direct site as you see it today. Fully responsive, secure, and integrated with PayPal - I delivered the site using WordPress. Now Sue can add and remove products, change prices, and update promotions easily, without writing any code.

"Serenity Direct Category Page" screen-shot


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